Blogging, Writing and Such

Starting January 1st of this year, I started journaling event summaries on pieces of paper with corresponding stickers and momentous. Writing things down as they happen helps keep your mood and feelings alive.

Avoid the redundancy of recording the same content in a journal and scrapbook.

Save space by working on one project at a time.

Stay organized by having all your days in one place.

At the end of the year, you have one book rather than writing here, pictures there, and momentos elsewhere.

Use those random stickers you have laying around instead of buying additional embellishments to use with your theme.

Then, at the end of each month, order a book containing 100 photos for less than $5 with Groovebook. If you use my code, you can get your first 100 pictures for free with no further commitments. You can cancel the subscription after receiving the first book and not pay a penny. Since I take photos daily, 100 pictures is the perfect amount to print per month. This includes all those inspirational photos I download from especially Pinterest to paste in my Planner and Bible Journal. After receiving my photos, I back them up to Shoebox and clear the space from my phone.

So download the Groovebook application, use my code WEISS1393 and keep those memories alive.