Fiction Opening

What do you think of my opening to my fiction story?


Having had no idea what day it is (nor caring).  I wake to let my golden retriever outside. The birds happily chirping as the sun slid up from clouds tells me it’s morning, even though my body couldn’t be convinced. Then again, my body is in a state of apathy, more like disappointment, it had to function another day. “Enough was enough!”, it screams as I consider to soothe it with a cup of coffee.

Gypsy wags her tail as my limbs slowly appeal from under the sheets and walk to the bathroom. Even with the dimness of just the morning light, I notice the sunspots on my face from not using sunblock my entire life. No regrets- a little concealer evens it smoothly when I go out, which is as infrequently as possible. Just another “rule” I proudly disobeyed.

Society can’t have an isolated opinion without someone challenging one`s rationale, so I rebel without telling. No one is looking over my shoulder since I have built walls around me – both environmental and emotional.


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