You Forget Who I Am

I cried to my best friend last night telling her all the fighting I’ve done in my life after realizing no one knows who I am at my core.

People graciously trying to help by suggesting I contact agencies and people I have called 2 weeks ago when I received the notice my Disability is being cut. Instead of arguing or appearing ungrateful, I now ask the well-intended people to make those phone calls for me to people I spoke to 2 weeks ago. They soon call back, telling me exactly what I was told 2 weeks ago.

Two weeks ago, my world turned upside down.  Now, my energy is drained, and I just want to lay in bed and write for both income and sanity. But my companion dog deserves to be walked and played with. I have a friend who agreed to take her while I rest without guilt, but my big mouth told people on Facebook and I got some hurtful feedback. It was worth it to have friends tell me they will help with Jireh’s expenses. Soooo thankful!

The past 2 weeks, I have made more phone calls and written more emails than you can imagine. I have been extremely proactive, staying in contact with the news reporter, talking to lawyers, Federal Officials, The Advocacy Center, my landlord, every social agency in town. I have even requested a court hearing. I have done everything that has been recommended. Now I will write magazine editors, send query letters, and write my autobiography since all of my public speaking, advocacy, and serving Jesus has obviously been forgotten. Somehow, my identity is no longer accurately perceived by anyone.

2 thoughts on “You Forget Who I Am

  1. I am so sorry you are going through all this. I think having someone you trust take care of Jireh while you rest is a very good idea. I used to take my dogs on hikes which lasted 2-3 hours. Now I cannot exercise him at all. Sometimes feeding him is almost too taxing on my energy. I will often have someone come and walk him for me. Praying for you! BTW, I loved the news clip!

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