Appealing Disability Changes

Social Security News picked up my blog entry on losing 25% of my SSDI and retweeted it. I finished my appeal and added the following (below). Thank you to everyone offering to help me. I fell yesterday and landed on my back, am now in pain, yet am writing all I can to use this time to find writing income before it’s too late.

Added in my Disability Appeal:

I filled this out the best I could. The change in not having my Medicare covered will leave me homeless without family. I was only able to renew my apartment lease (which increased approx. $70) because I was eligible for State paid Medicare. When the State pays, I earn too much, but when I have to pay, I cannot even afford rent and electric. My service dog helps me walk and I won’t be able to afford to keep her. I truly will be alone on the streets. And it costs $1,500 to break lease. HELP

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