Staying Focussed On God

I made the mistake of reaching out to a friend to let her know I am thinking of her. BIG MISTAKE.

Let me save you all some trouble by sharing how it started:
ME- Been checking on you re: facing this hard anniversary. Just wanted you to know you’re on my heart.

SHE- responds by saying how sorry she is I am going through this…

*I truly appreciate people’s care and concern. God has me. Without worldly input, I have peace beyond understanding. I get most people don’t understand.

I just want people to see God’s peace and strength within me during this time of uncertainty. I don’t want people worrying about me because God will provide. June will be the hardest month as they are talking out what they overpaid me. I will only have enough for rent and Jireh’s flea meds. When (not if) God covers June’s bills, I will be okay.

It went downhill after that. In fact, it really got ugly. I was insulated by her response, to say the least.

Out of respect for the other party, I won’t explain in detail my response. I explained why I fully rely on God when in a crisis. The world distracts me. I was wrong to reach out to anyone other than people who understand my relationship with God.

With that said, I am going back in isolation from the world. Just as mom told me I wasn’t a Christian for studying to be a psychologist and Mark told me I wasn’t a Christian if I was so depressed… once again, I was just told I wasn’t Christian. I realize that is how people believe they will hurt me most.

Just a note… You would have a better chance at convincing me I am a boy versus I am not Christian.




One thought on “Staying Focussed On God

  1. This is terribly sad and I am sorry you went through it. I think reaching out to her was showing God’s presence and love. I have a very difficult anniversary coming up myself on Friday the 11th and Mother’s Day. My oldest son took his life on Mother’s Day, May 11, 2014. Today a dear friend came over and spent three hours with me because she knows this week is very difficult for me. Every year my sister takes May 11 off of work and spends it with me. Sunday I know I will not be alone. All these people are showing me Source God by giving me this support and love. I appreciate it and I let them know. What you did was a beautiful thing. We are all one and united in God, we are not individual islands. As for you being a Christian, that judgment should never be made by others. Only you and Source God can know your true intentions and it is no one else’s business.Do not let other’s judgments about your Spiritual path upset you. When I read your posts and watch your videos I see someone allowing our Creator to act through her but, on the hand, that is not mine to judge. I wish you would not go back into solitude because I will miss your posts but if you feel that is what is best for you, then you should do that. Only you know what is best for you.


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