Next chapter, moving on, after successfully completing the recent stage of life, God has given me a sign, a photo, of going higher. Like Maslow’s hierarchy, God has graciously advanced me to the next level. For me to hold on to that which is familiar is the antithesis of who I am.

Discovering my most controversial life decision was respected by my earthly father and Heavenly Father points me to an uncharted path made just for me.
Honored, yet humbled God chose me for this journey, I draw closer than ever to Him. Listening to Him, spending quality time with Jesus, and obeying when prompted, enables me to be singleminded on Him. No distractions from people on a different journey. That is comparable to asking individuals on the path behind me for directions. Come to think of it, reaching out to friends for help is counterproductive to the growing process if they have never been where I am going. God knows the way, and without the input of others, it is easier to hear His voice.
I am lonely, which is unusual for me as I am always comforted by the Lord’s presence. Maybe part of me is mourning the life I once had… or thought I had. Maybe uncertainty is preventing me from taking that next step, the next level.
A level where my mind stays focused on what truly matters, rather than things of this earth. I’m sure once I get accustomed to the next phase, I will enjoy and savor the changes. There may be new friends to meet who relate to my mindset. Or it may just be a more intimate relationship with Jesus. I am never a burden to Him. He loves spending time with me and is never too busy.
I need to feel that right now. I need to feel His comfort.

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