Stars, Family and a Tire

Jesus has me crying! He loves me sooo much, He brought me home safely. This morning, I went to check my car to see if I had any cash to pay a $27 bill due in 2 weeks. It seems my electric company AND PayPal made multiple charges “by accident” *Karen is my witness… it was NOT my fault. PayPal is reimbursing my bank, but the electric company said they could only credit my electric account. So my balance is under $500 and my $745 rent check hasn’t posted yet. I cancelled everything so I will only have one overdraft fee. THE DEVIL AIN’T GONNA STEAL MY JOY! So I find EXACTLY $27 cash to pay my bill. *You tell me that’s not God!!! I also found a flat tire with an inch hole in it. GOD PROTECTED ME FROM A TIRE BLOW OUT ON THE ROAD! I WAS GOING 85 MPH YESTERDAY! See, God AIN’T letting me go to heaven until it’s HIS timing.

I called roadside assistance, and Sue… (I don’t know about car stuff… my daddy took care of my car). Even though Sue and Jim are on vacation, they dropped everything to take care of me like family. They told the mechanic what to do, Sue offered to pay him, but he refused to charge me. Sue and I prayed over the phone, both of us crying, thanking Jesus. I can imagine my Heavenly Father with my daddy smiling down at Sue and Jim.

Oh, I told the mechanic I just got home from meeting Reba. He thought that was cool. I said, “Sunday, I met a Country star, and today, I met you… a Rock star.”.

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