Needed a break from writing last week. Now I am about to drive across the state with Jireh to see Reba in concert.

Keep getting well intentioned texts about driving alone and bad weather forecasts. God has me. GOD enabled me to drive through dark fog in the shoulderless mountains of Tennessee, protecting me from worrying what was around me, so my focus could stay on seeing my dad before his last breath that day. I am wearing a FSU shirt next to my heart belonging to Jesus since FSU is my home on earth. Next is an anchor..  Christ is my anchor, my daddy was a boat captain… so he will be my angel. Finally, a Nashville sweatshirt because seeing Reba was made possible by my brother in Nashville. My outfit is complete as I put on the full armor of God. It is well with my soul. I may drive back to Tallahassee tonight after the concert, I may sleep in my car as I have done many times, I may stay at a friend’s in Longwood…

Man makes his plans, but God determines his steps.

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