One Hundred Pennies for Thoughts About God

I am so emotional, in a good way, words seem useless…do I journal? Should I pray? Worship? Shout from the window? Call everyone? Post it on Facebook? I don’t know. I cannot believe this, and it happened to ME! How can I expect others to appreciate how the most intricate details fell into place when the part I do know is unfathomable to me? The goosebumps, heart racing, unspeakable joy, peace beyond understanding… how do I keep this experience alive forever?

Beyond amazing. Unexplainable. UNBELIEVABLE! There are no words. No place to begin. Call me a Jesus Freak, a fanatic, crazy, insane… none of that matters. I am less than the least of these. The most undeserving. In the scheme of things, this world is so big, and I am so miniscule. All this was over $1.00. 100 pennies.
And God saw. God moved not just MY life, but 3 lives over one dollar.

God used $1 to show Himself beyond belief. Beyond comprehension. How can I expect others, believers and non-believers “get it” when I cannot wrap my head around it?

WHAT I KNOW FOR SURE is God is in complete control of every detail, and you are missing out if you are waiting until you die to know Jesus. WHAT I KNOW FOR SURE is MY GOD IS THE KING OF THE WORLD, and still knows the number of hairs on our head.

WHAT I KNOW FOR SURE is HE IS EVERYTHING TO ME, and I pray He reveals Himself to each and every person reading this. I cannot explain it, but ask Him… and listen for that quiet, still voice.

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