Needing Help ASAP Getting Service Dog Puppy

Okay, guys. The breeder sold all her Golden puppies and can’t afford to donate one to me. I need a puppy asap to start training while Jireh is young enough. Without a service dog, I will end up in a nursing home and I REFUSE TO GO TO A NURSING HOME. PLEASE, PLEASE HELP ME GET A 8 -10 WEEK OLD PUPPY. It will be covered medically after 6 months of age, so I need money for it’s initial vaccinations and getting it fixed. Average Golden puppies costs $1,800 when AKC certified with proper eye, hips, etc. examinations, so if I get one donated, I won’t need $2,300. I have someone who sent me a scholarship form to try paying for the puppy. URGENT – PLEASE HELP!

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