Growing Deeper

I always see posts about reaching out for help if you are suicidal, or write “done” if you read this… and my favorite “say Amen if you believe in God”. If only things were that simple.

If we are too busy to read the Bible daily, we are too busy for a relationship with Jesus. That was Charles Stanley’s message this morning. He addressed loneliness and said if you have the Holy Spirit indwelt in you, you need to reach out to Him when you are lonely. I never feel lonely when I stay inside and off of social media because I enjoy the presence of Jesus. I don’t question why God is allowing bad things to happen because the world doesn’t revolve around me. The Old Testament is full of examples where the Lord told Israelites their disobedience will impact future generations. A perfect example is when God said women will always have painful childbirth became Eve disobeyed. And because we cannot live perfect, sinless lives, Jesus had to pay the ultimate sacrifice as the only sinless man. If we refuse to accept Jesus as Savior, we will not be filled with the Holy Spirit, our sins will not be forgiven, and we will not live eternally with Christ.

The past few days have shown me how much I have grown. The friends I have had for most of my life are not use to who I am now. When we change, sometimes our family/friends fight our growth, and if we are not careful, they will pull us back to the victim role.

I am no longer a victim. I have fought with God’s strength to better myself. I am neither WHO I use to be, nor WHERE I use to be. Sadly, I have outgrown friends I had in my sickness. That is why I never married – I intend to keep growing, and will not be held back by those who do not grow with me.

Words mean little to me now. “I will pray for you” or “read” isn’t enough anymore. Neither are good intentions. When a potted plant grows, it must be planted in deeper soil to spread its roots. Otherwise, it will be stunted.

It’s time for me to be planted in deeper soil.

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