A World of Pharisees

I can’t believe how people misconstrue Christianity! It makes me realize a lot of people THINK they are living like Christ when they appear to not even KNOW Christ! My whole day was wasted defending myself against people who will NEVER UNDERSTAND WHAT I HAVE WITH JESUS. I’m going to bed now. Starting tomorrow, I am getting in my Bible first, as long as He speaks to me.

The field where Jireh goes is a steep hill. She has started pooping on the steepest parts, making me fall when I go to get her poop. Once I fell in the poop. Many times, I’ve lost my balance going up the hill, and ran full speed down into the building because I couldn’t stop. Today, I was so angry, I planned to go back to bed after I picked up the poop. As always, I almost fell trying to carefully go up the hill. Then I thought of how Peter fell when he was walking on water and took his eyes off Jesus. So I prayed, I EXPECT You to get me up and down this hill because I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME! And I ran full force. Four times, no problem!

God showed me I must keep moving, focusing completely on Him. If I would have went to bed, I would’ve got in trouble from the landlord from not picking up after Jireh, plus wasted a full day in bed upset. I ended up wasting the day defending myself and THAT makes me a bad steward of time and talents, to which I am repenting. Not anymore. Not anymore. You are so right… we have work to do. Meaningful work. Purposeful work.

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