Annual Check-up after Using Kashmere Kollections

At the doctor where I told the nurse I quit taking 4 medications after getting Kashmere’s diffuser oils. She commented my face looks healthy, and I told her it is Kashmere’s Body Butter and Self-Tanner. I truly have not felt this healthy in 15 years.

Note, I am chronicly disabled with the following conditions at 48 years old- Cerebral Palsy, Crohn’s Disease, PTSD, Agoraphobia, endometriosis, Attention Deficit Disorder, Asthma, and Excoriation.

I am writing again instead of staying in bed all day. So many people are complimenting me that I take pride in who I am, and it shows in my mood. A couple drops of Lavender oil on my eye mask and I fall asleep within 20 minutes. Before Kashmere, I had such severe migraines, I took 4 Excedrine for Migraines per day! No more migraines!

I don’t blame anyone for being skeptical because I truly didn’t believe in aromatherapy myself. I got a diffuser to lightly scent my home when I noticed my health was improving. (Be careful with diffusing essential oils around pets as they may be harmful. Cats lack the enzyme needed for inhaling some oils, so I keep my cat away from the diffuser, and use oil on my eye mask when my cat sleeps with me.)

I then ordered the Body Butter since my hands are so dry, and the Self-Tanner since I look so much healthier with a tan. The scents are the same so my friends comment on how I always smell so fresh. (How did I smell before?!)

The costs I save from medication, even Excedrine ALONE, makes it possible for me to buy products on my limited income. I save so much on copayments to doctors, I think Medicare should cover Kashmere’s products.

I could go on and on, but just trust me… wait for a sale and try the diffuser at I will even provide a 10% discount below. Don’t even get me started on earning Loyalty points! Read about it on the website, and join the Facebook Kashmere Kollection’s group for the nicest people you will ever meet (just like their Customer Service).

My doctor confirmed my health has definitely improved. Thanks, Kashmere!

*I am not getting paid for promoting Kashmere’s products. They are TRULY life changing.

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